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Natural Medicine for Holistic Health

Dr. April decided to become a Naturopathic Doctor because she believed there must be more to the art and science of healing than drugs and surgery. Granted, she is very grateful for Western Medicine when it shines, most often in acute situations. 

Comprehensive naturopathic diagnosis involves searching for what needs to be healed in the patient. This may be in the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, or spiritual planes. Dr. April looks closely at your symptoms, along with objective information, including your blood work, and what kind of stressors are in your life to focus in on your treatment plan. 

Naturopathic treatment may include deep nutrition, a specific diet plan, avoiding food intolerances, exercise prescription, constitutional hydrotherapy, detoxification of heavy metals and glyphosates, botanical medicine, homeopathy, bodywork, constitutional hydrotherapy, bioenergetics, and/or mind-body medicine.

Vitalistic Naturopathic Medicine

Vitalistic Naturopathic Medicine holds  that the primary role of the physician is to restore health, and is based on 4 different assumptions.

1. The Universe is ordered and intelligent as is evident at the most minute levels of anatomy, physiology, chemistry and biology, and the order and intelligence we see in the body reflects the order we see in the universe.

2. Health is the natural state of humanity, and illness is an adaptive response to disturbances in function.


3. Correction of the disturbance should result in the return of the normal healthy state.


4. Interventions should involve the least force necessary to accomplish this.

From the Naturopathic Medical Institute


"Our job as physicians is not to treat disease, but to restore the sick to health."  


Jim Sensenig, ND


"Keep on with the scientific research, but don't lose the philosophy."


John Bastyr, ND

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