Meet Dr. April Graham, nd

 Owner of Blue Heron Natural Medicine

Dr. April Graham is a Naturopathic Doctor with a special interest in using targeted movement and bodywork to stimulate the body’s ability to heal. 


Dr. April has been interested in movement since her high school cross country days, later becoming a cross country coach, and later competing in mountain bike racing and off road triathlons. She was often sidelined from injuries and developed an appreciation for keeping her body moving as well as possible.


She nourished her interest in sport, competition, and movement by earning her B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science and her M.A. in Sport and Exercise Leadership. She was an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist and she raced mountain bikes competitively for several years. 


During the peak of her time mountain bike racing, her father was diagnosed with colon cancer. Dr. April saw the worst of the medical system during that time and was seeing the need for a different type of healthcare. After the passing of her father, Dr. April struggled with low back pain so severe that she could no longer continue racing. 


This led to a time of deep self reflection, and ultimately, of a decision to go to naturopathic medical school to learn how the body breaks down, and how it heals in order to serve others who suffer. 


During her time at Bastyr University, Dr. April learned about a cutting edge movement and fascial manipulation workshop where RevinMo™ and Fascial Manipulation© - the Stecco© Method were taught simultaneously. Dr. April had finally found a system of movement and bodywork that truly considered the complexity of the human body and how all of the parts function as a whole. And, with diligence and consistency with the movements and treatments, her own low back pain was healed!


In addition, Dr. April has immersed herself in vitalistic naturopathic philosophy learning from the Naturopathic Medicine Institute. In this philosophy and tradition, the true root cause of illness and disturbances to health are identified. Vitalists use time honored methods such as food intolerance identification, deep nutrition, constitutional hydrotherapy, herbal medicine, and homeopathy.

From a spiritual standpoint, Dr. April can now see the purpose in her severe back pain and diversion from mountain bike racing. She is now serving others in their journey to become pain and disease free in a way that only she can.


She now brings both RevinMo™, Fascial Manipulation© - the Stecco© Method, hydrotherapy, herbal medicine, and homeopathy using a vitalistic naturopathic approach to her patients at Blue Heron Natural Medicine. 


These methods all so perfectly blend together and allow for a truly holistic approach in treating her patients.

Professional Background


New England School of Homeopathy (NESH) 2-Year Course

Advanced Fertility Mentorship with Dr. Jaclyn Chasse, ND

Craniosacral Therapy Level 1 & 2 with Dr. Masa Takukura

Constitutional Hydrotherapy with the Carroll Institute

The Carroll Method with the Carroll Institute

Stecco Fascial Manipulation® Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 - FMID

Revolution In Motion™ Level 1, Level 2, and Pelvic Floor Fitness Level 1

Advanced Biofeedback training


where did the name
Blue Heron Natural Medicine come from?

Dr. April says -  "When I moved to Longmont, I became enamored by the Blue Heron's around town - whether at Carr Park, Golden Ponds Nature Area, or McIntosh Lake, they always seem to get my attention. 


When I see a Blue Heron wading in the water so patiently awaiting their next meal, this reminds me of the faith and patience that are often necessary for healing.

Blue Heron's have a great affinity to water. Water (hydrotherapy) is one of my favorite healing methods. 


Additionally, I am a naturalist at heart. If I weren't a doctor, I would be studying the world of birds, mammals, plants, and sea life. Being a doctor is essentially being a naturalist of the human world!"