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My name is Dr. April Graham

I am a Naturopathic Doctor with a love for all things health, fitness, and disease prevention.


I love working with moms and career women who are finding themselves on the other side of "survival mode", and are finally ready to make their health a priority.


Whether it's losing those extra pounds, optimizing health, getting your gut and hormones on track, preventing heart disease and cancer, or training for your first (or 10th) 10K, I've got your back. 

I have been an ACSM Exercise Physiologist - Certified for 23 years. My first job, doe-eyed and bushy tailed out of college was in cardiac rehab and hospital wellness, and I have been caring for people in various capacities and staying on top of the latest research and modalities ever since. 

I offer an extra set of eyes on your health and a unique skillset, and want nothing more than for YOU to be in peak health condition as you move forward in life. 

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