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The biggest impact you can make to help someone else starting out on their healing journey is to share your experiences at Blue Heron Natural Medicine.

For someone thinking about starting with a new doctor, hearing about other's first hand experiences can really help them make the decision to call.

Taking a few moments to write thoughtful reviews helps small businesses like ours to thrive. We always appreciate your feedback and welcome you to share your thoughts.

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Quick & Easy Tips for Writing a Helpful Review

We get it, writing reviews seems daunting. You may be thinking "What do I say?!" 

So we've put together these three questions to make writing a review as quick & easy as possible. Just a thoughtful sentence or two will make an impact!

1. What's the #1 reason I would tell my friends or family to visit Dr. April themselves?

2. What's the reason you keep coming back to BHNM?

3. How has seeing Dr. April made an impact in your life?


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