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Reset your Genes

An 8-Week Individualized

Health Optimization Program Starting January 8th, 2024. 

Do any of these ring true?

Your friends seem to eat whatever they want without gaining weight, but you seem to put on the pounds just by looking at a cookie


You try to exercise but get tired, injured, or are just confused about what types of exercise are best for your body

You exercise, but are at a plateau when it comes to weight loss


It is difficult to break your cravings for sweets, carbs, or chocolate


You have low, depressed mood and would just like to experience some joy


You want to get your hormones in check

You get sick frequently and can't find any answers

You have a family history of cancer and just want straight answers as to how to optimize your health

You tried the keto diet and crashed, or found that it wasn't sustainable

You are ready to make some significant changes in your life


Many of the answers are in your genes!

We can't change our genetic code, but we can change our genetic expression. We understand more about our genes and what turns them on/off now than ever before. Knowing WHY you can't lose weight, or WHY you crave sweets, or WHY you mood is low gives you the power to make the right kind of changes.

I will look at the combination of your genes and how they interact together to understand where you need to focus. For example, one person may have clear imbalances in their metabolic genes while another may have more significant issues in their stress genes, leading to a bombardment of cortisol, and increased weight. Or, one person may have issues with their inflammation genes and this can lead to physical breakdown and reduced ability to repair tendons and muscles so their chronic pain keeps them from being their ideal weight. Many of us have impaired detox pathways, making it difficult to lose weight because the fat tissue doesn't want to release, so this needs to be supported properly, and individually. 


In this 8-week program, you will learn:

  • Your genetic predisposition toward obesity, blood sugar problems, and inflammation.

  • What your meals should look like in terms of meal frequency, macronutrient ratio (protein, carbs, fats) - hint: its different for everyone!

  • The right kind of exercise for you (heavy weights, light weights, medium weights, HIIT, sustained endurance).

  • How well your body detoxes and what you can do to help it.

  • Your tendency toward inflammation

  • Your susceptibility to low mood, anxiety, and stress.

  • What the best supplements are for you to take.

What is included? 

  • 30-minute visit with me so that I can learn what your "why" is, what your goals are, and understand more about your family history, environment, diet, etc.

  • 60-70 page genetic report from including my review and customized recommendations

  • 45-60 minute visit with me to discuss your genetic report and discuss how we will use this information to get your health back on track

  • 30-minute follow up visit with me, around the 8-week mark, to discuss your next steps 

  • 3-week meal plan customized to you, including recipes

  • Supportive Facebook Group for encouragement, motivating posts, meal ideas, and general questions

  • Knowledge is everything when it comes to sticking with a plan! You will have access to my online platform with weekly webinars on topics such as:

    • Genetics 101

    • Finding an exercise program you love​

    • Diet/nutrition hacks for specific genotypes

    • How to get the toxins out of your home and body

    • Ways to boost mood, addressing unhealthy thought patterns

    • Research-based tips for managing stress

    • Getting a good night's sleep

    • Fascia and the fat tissue and tools we can use free the fat

    • The gift of breath and how it can be used to optimize our health

    • Why hydration is so important

What is NOT included? ​​

  • 23andme Report. This is the lab that analyzes your genes. In order to participate in the program, you need to have the raw data from your 23andme report. This takes 4-6 weeks from the time that you ship your sample, so best to get started on this right away if you don't already have one

  • Supplements - there are supplements that can GREATLY assist with resetting your genes, curbing sugar cravings, helping your detox pathways, managing stress and sleep, etc. This can add up to a few hundred dollars a month for the first eight weeks, but then supplementation should decrease significantly. The supplements that are required are determined on an individual basis. We can manage the amount of supplements by prioritizing your goals. 

Why is the program 8-weeks?

It seems to take about 8-weeks to turn off those genes that are adversely affecting our bodies. I want to be here to support you throughout the way, and then give you direction after the 8-weeks as to how to keep your genes in their best position. 

Why do we have to go through 23andme? 

Genetic testing is quite expensive, and 23andme by far is the most affordable, and gives us the most genetic information. Other platforms don't have all of the information that we need to make these unique and individualized recommendations. At this time, the GeneRx platform only reads 23andme reports. 

What can I do before January 8th to get started? 

I know you are excited to get started! There is so much you can do before then (if you want). You will be invited to the Facebook Group where I will be posting small videos, information, words of encouragement, etc. We will have our 30 minute visit to discuss your "why", your goals, and details about this journey. You will be provided with information on some key things to get in place like cleaning up chemicals in your home and diet, and some basic supplements you can take to start supporting your genetic and metabolic health. Additionally, you can absorb information! I'll be posting 1-2 webinars before we start. 


My gene story

     I never really had to worry about my weight - certainly because I have been very active throughout my life. I fell in love with running in high school cross-country, and then I became obsessed with mountain biking (and, still kind of am!). After my dad passed away from colon cancer, I stopped mountain bike racing because my body became so inflamed that I could not even pedal my bike without extreme pain. This was my first big lesson in how severely stress affected my body. Thankfully, I listened to my body and stopped pursuing racing. I was also into CrossFit for a few years and was amazed at my strength gains but I kept injuring myself, and got pretty bulky, honestly.


     After having my son, I trained for a triathlon to get back into shape. It worked, but after I stopped breastfeeding that is when that extra 15 pounds creeped up (hello, hormone balance). Meanwhile, in working with many patients to support their weight loss journey, it became clear to me that there was a very strong genetic component. I have patients that are doing all the right things but the scale won't budge. I have been skeptical of genetic testing for weight loss for various reasons - but, mainly because I knew that we can turn our genes on and off by our lifestyle. My thinking, based on my education was, if we live a healthy lifestyle then there is no need for that expensive genetic information. But, in many cases a healthy lifestyle alone didn't seem to work for my patients.

     We are now at a point in our understanding of our genes that we just weren't at, even 5 years ago, that we can identify how much protein a person needs, how much saturated fat is too much, what kinds of exercises promote inflammation for a specific patient, and what genes make one more prone to inflammation which can turn on genes related to metabolism. I took it upon myself to learn as much as I could about nutrigenomics to support both my patients, and myself in the journey to become our healthiest selves.  In analyzing my report, I discovered some interesting pieces of information: 

  1. I have a gene that can decrease one of my metabolic hormones (when turned on) that makes me more prone to gaining weight easily, especially when stressed. 

  2. Too much saturated fat for me will lead to inflammation and increased storage of fat - I would never do well on a Keto diet!

  3. Too much protein leads to an inflammatory response for me. I actually need very little protein. So, CrossFit and Paleo diet back in the day weren't really serving me so well. 

  4. I am at increased risk for many cancers, including the same ones that my father and grandmother died of before the age of 60. How is that for motivation?! The great news is that I can turn these genes off with the right lifestyle and supplements. 

  5. My muscles break down easily with too much high intensity exercise - no wonder CrossFit and mountain bike racing were so hard on my body! Some people have great genes for these kinds of exercises, but not me. No, I'm not giving up mountain biking - but now I know how to be smart about it.

  6. I am more likely to produce too much inflammation leading to joint degradation, especially when working out too much. 

  7. I have some genes that make me more likely to respond excessively to stress. This can make me produce way too much cortisol which also affects other hormones, blood sugar, etc.

  8. I have very limited Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification ability, meaning I need the right kind of detox support. Coffee can slow the Phase 1 detox pathway so I really have to limit it. But, peppermint tea can speed it up, so I can enjoy lots of peppermint tea. 

  9. And SO much more. 

     This all may sound like terrible news, but so much about my health makes more sense now. I could have been heading down a path toward some serious health problems even though, technically, I wasn't even overweight and my diet was quite clean. Understanding this has motivated me to adhere to a diet and exercise plan based on my own genetic makeup. It is so empowering to take control of these genetic factors and start resetting my genes. I believe all of my patients would benefit from having their genetic information, regardless of their weight, and that understanding their genes will help them control their weight, reduce inflammation, and reduce their risk of dangerous health problems.  Knowledge IS Power! 

Drinking Green Smoothie

Limited Time Offer

$1700 - Don't Miss Out

8-Week Health Optimization Program


GeneRx report with review and edits by yours truly     $600

3 Visits with yours truly (in person or virtual)     $600

Customized 3-week meal plan    $300

Educational Platform with 8-10 webinars     $700+

Facebook Group Access INVALUABLE

Total Value: $2200+++

I am offering this health optimization journey at the reduced rate of $1700 because I want this to be as affordable for you as possible. I know money is tight for many right now, but this program will save you in the long run on health care costs. And, you really can't put a price on your quality of life! Payment plans are available. I have designed this program to keep you motivated, keep you educated, and to give you the resources necessary to be successful. I hope you will  join us!

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