Cardiovascular Wellness

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Naturopathic Services

Cardiovascular Wellness

We keep close tabs on your risk factors for heart disease using a screening device to monitor the rate, rhythm and tone of your heart, in an effort to optimize your health.


There are toxicants in our atmosphere, water, foods, body care products, cleaning products, etc. These toxicants can build up in our bodies and impair normal functioning, leading to dis-ease. Dr. April's #1 go to for detox is constitutional hydrotherapy (a procedure done in-office).

Exercise Prescription

We can help you determine the best type of exercise that is right for you, and help determine causes of low motivation and help identify ways to overcome this.

Holistic Primary Care

BHNM is here to help keep you and your family healthy, whether for general checkups, acute concerns, or chronic conditions. We offer natural solutions to your ailments, and are trained to refer when necessary.

Naturopathic Pediatric Care

Well Child checks as well as naturopathic medicine for common pediatric concerns

Nutritional Support

With so many foods available to us, and so many different fad diets out there, it is no wonder we are so confused as to how to eat! The truth is that there is no one diet that is right for every person. We use naturopathic diagnostics to test for food intolerances. We may recommend other diet strategies based on your symptoms and constitution.