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ScarWork: Nothing Short of a Miracle - a Novel Scar Treatment

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Scars are a valiant expression of healing. They represent our body's innate healing mechanisms of bringing the whole army of immune cells to the wound to protect, clean, and cover with new collagen. How amazing that we are self-healing mechanisms!

Whether your scar is from a surgery or traumatic event, it could bother you long after it is healed. Scars can cause numbness, pain, hypersensitivity, pulling, itching, or decreased range of motion. Because the scar interacts with our 3D fascial web, it can affect our tensegrity (body-wide tension system), leading to dysfunction in our organs, muscle, lymphatics, etc. I have seen scars being responsible for abdominal pain, low back pain, dysfunctional movement and autonomic dysfunction.

Last summer, I participated in a week-long dissection with Carla and Antonio Stecco, my teachers of Fascial Manipulation. When you dissect very carefully, you can see how some scars on the skin extend very deep, and can adhere to muscles, organs, tendons.

Because I could see how these donors had likely suffered due to their scars without even knowing, I was motivated to figure out a scar treatment that worked. I was drawn to Sharon Wheeler's method because it recognizes that scar tissue is valuable material that need-not be "broken down", but rather, be integrated into the body. This definitely fits naturopathic principles such as "do no harm", the healing power of nature", "identify and treat the cause" and "treat the whole person."

I spent 4 days with Cheryl-Drake Bowers in Charlotte, North Carolina learning this method of treating scars. We worked with several volunteers from the community. I was absolutely amazed to see little holes, ridges, and gaps fill in! And it seemed that the volunteers had a sense of wholeness and improved wellbeing after the treatment.

Could it be that all along, scars were meant to be integrated into the body with touch?

In our cold and sterile medical culture, when we have a surgical or trauma wound, we apply antimicrobial ointments, dressings, etc. and when the wound is closed over, we call it "healed". Medical chart closed. Back to our fast paced lives.

I have to wonder if before our industrialized society and emphasis on western medicine, we might have cared more for the integrity of our whole body. 2000 years ago, If someone in the community had a severe wound or surgery (yes, there were surgeries way back then!), I have to think that there might have been more respect for the wound, and that doctors may have used their hands to work the tissue back together after the wound itself had healed.

ScarWork forces us to slow down and go at the pace of the body, which promotes healing through the parasympathetic nervous system.

Our connective tissue is a dynamic, living substance! When a small force is applied to the skin, it is sensed by the tissue, and more fibroblasts are created to lay down collagen fibers and other cells that make up the fascia, like hyaluronic acid. When the proper techniques are applied, the tissue responds! No needles required!

I am very excited to be offering ScarWork for all scars including cesarian sections (c-sections), severe trauma scars, mastectomy scars, or cosmetic surgery scars.

I am also offering monthly ScarWork Clinics for the community (donation-based) with abbreviated, 25-minute treatments. I would love to see you there!

scar treatment, cesarian scars, surgical scars

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